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About us

May 11, 2010, Hong Kong company was founded.
February 28, 2019, Shenzhen company was founded.

The company is a professional digital signage enterprise with design, manufacturing & marketing.Our key products include Digital Signage,Kiosk,Touch Panel and other LCD interactive touch display products.With multi function, top quality and competitive price,our products are popularly distributed in Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asia etc.Being customer-oriented and quality-oriented, we adapt customer priority principle,dedicated to offering our customer the best products and solutions.

The products are widely used in Shopping center, School, Office building, Hotel, Hospital, Restaurant, Business hall, Airport, Station, Traffic, Plaza, Park, etc multiple areas.
1, For Restaurant
Self-service Payment Kiosk, Digital Menu Board, LCD Advertising Player, etc.
2, For Elevator
Network LCD Advertising Player
3, For School
Interactive Whiteboard, All In One PC, Touch Panel
4, For Hospital
Interactive Kiosk, Queuing Machine, etc
5, For Industrial Equipment
Embedded Installation Panel PC, Open Frame Display, etc
6, For Shopping Mall
Shelf LCD Screen Display, Wall-mounted Display, Floor Standing Display, etc.
7, For Plaza
Outdoor waterproof LCD Advertising Display
8, For Store/Mall Glass Wall
LED Transparent Display, Dual Screen LCD Display
9, For City Bus
Display Commercial Video, Route Map, Station Name
...And so on
Warm tips: We can offer Customized Solution, OEM, ODM, Sample Order, etc Service.

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